The History Of The Palms Hotel In Key West

The Palms Hotel, as she has been named since 1993, originally was built as 2 separate homes as 820 and 822 White St. The 3 homes shown in the picture below by David Harrison Wright circa 1993, shows what was at one time, all owned by one of Key West’s Prominent Families – The Williams.


The John Sherman Williams Residence at 820 White Street.

 Built around 1880, the beautiful mansion was speared no expense when built and furnished.  John Sherman Williams, A.K.A "Pappa Jack" & Jack Wilson 1852 - 1942, was born in Appalachicola, Fl. and migrated to Key West, Fl. at an early age. He lived to be 90 years of age. There he met and Wed Rosalie Susan Almeda 1856 - 1932. She was also born in Key West and transpired at the age of 76.

After there marriage, he was a very industrious young lad and earned a living in several occupations. He became prosperous when he owned and operated "Jack Wilson's Saloon" on the waterfront, just down the street from Curry Son's Shipyard on Front St. This location would later house th4 CoCa Cola building on Front and Simonton St.

As a boarding house to many of Key West’s seekers in the 1970’s and 80’s. She had many names Terrell Apartments 76’, Vandegroaff Apartments ‘78, The Palms of Key West Guesthouse ‘82, The Palms of Key West ’88, and finally The Palms Hotel ‘93.